peptide aggregation

Dennis Maeder Dennis at MolBiol.UCT.AC.ZA
Thu Jan 4 08:11:35 EST 1996

>i am working on a beta hairpin peptide using NMR in aqueous solution.
>i have a feeling that the peptide is aggregating in aqueous solution.
>is there a way to prevent aggregation by adding some non polar solvents
>like methanol. does this help in the solubility and decreases the 
>aggregation. any information on this will be greatly appreciated. 
>thanks in advance,
What is the sequence of your peptide?
A beta haipin will leave only sidechains available for hydrogen bonding to water.
If your peptide is apolar you may need to use a surfactant of sorts, but that may well make your 
NMR results less than useful.
If however your peptide has some sidee-chain charge, you might want to exploit this by maximizing 
the expression of charge, but avoid neutrality under low-salt conditionswhere isoelectric 
precipitation will in >=50mM salt if possible. The N- and C- terminii may be 
charged as well, and these can be exploited.


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