fresh transformations for protein expression??

Torsten Boerchers borcher at
Thu Jan 4 14:02:20 EST 1996

Dear colleagues

for quite some time we are successfully overexpressing
recombinant proteins in bacteria,mostly with the pET
system and mostly simple, nice, soluble proteins.

The more we were surprised that we now on two occacions
with similar proteins encountered problems (i.e. no
expression) which were solved by freshly transforming
the E.coli (BL31(DE3)) with the expression vector instead
of starting from a plate. So fine, that works, but I would
nevertheless like to know whether others had similar 
experiences and whether there is an explanation for this 
behaviour available. I heared from some other folks routinely
doing fresh transformations but could not get a rationale.

Looking forward to some ideas

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