Searching for enzyme using NAD(P)H and ADP ---> NAD(P)+ and ATP

D. Bovee dbovee at
Fri Jan 12 23:14:36 EST 1996

I have been researching this topic, without much luck.  I am searching
for a *single* enzyme which catalyzes a reaction ultimately converting
ADP to ATP (presumably using NAD(P)H.  I suspected I might find a
dehydrogenase to do this trick...but I haven't had any luck as of yet.

One of the biosynthetic reactions employs TWO enzymes to do this:
glutamine synthetase and glutamine synthase are used in conjunction
whose net reaction makes my products from these reactants.  However,
for the experiment I am setting up, I need to minimize this reaction
to a single enzyme...

If you have any ideas, or know of such a system, your help would be
greatly appreciated!  Please copy any replies to email, if possible.

					David Bovee
					Dept. of Chemistry
					University of Denver

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