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This year's international Perspectives on Protein Engineering Conference is being held in Montpellier, South of France 2-6 March 1997
The overall theme is "Folds to Function" Sub-themes include: Molecular Bioinformatics (gene function discovery); protein evolution and design; protein folding; biocatalysis (enzyme engineering) and protein-nucleic acid interactions.
A large World Wide Web site holds all the conference information, the scientific abstract and an on-line registration facility for the conference. Web site at -

The European Commission has sponsored many groups funded under Framework III (Protein Structure and Function) to come to the conference. The result is that 5 "EU networks" are holding  satellite minisymposia:
Protein Translation Factors (Brian Clark, Aarhus)
Cellulase Structure and Function (Richard Haser, Marseille)
Glutamate receptors (Joel Bockaert/Jean Rossier, Montpellier/Gif-sur-Yvette)
ScatterFactor/Human Growth Factor (Ermanno Gherardi, Cambridge)
"Plantibodies - endowing plants with new functions (Arjen Schots, Wageningen)
All these network programmes
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