His-tagged proteins

Rob a417robz at horus.sara.nl
Thu Jan 18 13:55:11 EST 1996

 I use this resin routinely to purify histagged Photoactive Yellow 
Protein on large scale (100 mg -scale). After use I wash the column with 
5 volumes elution buffer,  5 volumes 0.2 mM aceticacid, 5 volumes bidest 
and then with one volume of ZnSo4 to recharche the resin.After washing 
excess metal from the column with bidest I store the material in 20 % 
I have used one batch over 5 times (for the same protein of course) and 
still had only a minor loss in protein binding capacity.
I hope that this serves you,
Greetings,  Arthur.  

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