S-S bridges

Brad Poland brad at helix0.chem.iastate.edu
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G.Card (gyc at dlpx1.dl.ac.uk) wrote:
: Dear group,

: can anyone point me in the direction of a review/paper about the free radical
: oxidation of disulphide bridges in proteins. Literature searches have so far
: turned up nothing of use.

: Thanks for your time  and hopefully for your help.

: Cheers and beers,

: Grayum

: G.L.Card at dl.ac.uk

You might try:

"Protein Sulfhydryls and Their Role in the Antioxidant Function
of Protein S-Thiolation" Thomas, Poland, Honzatko

Archivew of Biochemistry and Biophysics Vol 319, No 1, May 10, 1995
pp 1-9.

This should give you a good start.


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