Post-Doc Positions in Protein Engineering, Seattle, WA

Paul Carlson pcarlson at
Wed Jan 24 16:30:37 EST 1996

Applications are invited for three postdoctoral positions in 
our multidisciplinary group to help develop exciting new 
smart polymer-engineered protein conjugates for biotechnology 

We have recently reported a new concept on the conjugation of 
"smart" polymers to specific, genetically engineered sites on 
proteins (Nature, 378, 472-474, (1995)) that is opening up 
new directions in molecular biotechnology, e.g., in 
bioseparations, diagnostics, drug delivery, biosensors, 
biocompatibility, cell culture and enzyme bioprocesses.  We 
are seeking researchers who are interested in working at an 
interdisciplinary interface that includes interactions 
between polymer synthesis, synthesis of "smart" surfaces, 
genetic engineering of proteins, biophysics, and enzymology.  
Our laboratories are extremely well-equipped with extensive 
facilities for polymer synthesis and characterization, 
protein engineering and purification, biophysical and 
biochemical characterization, etc.  

Three positions are available immediately in the following 
    (1) polymer synthesis, purification and characterization,
        especially coupled with lab experience with proteins
        and protein chemistry  
    (2) surface modification and characterization, especially
        coupled with lab experience in protein immobilization
        and/or polymer-protein conjugation chemistry  
    (3) protein engineering, especially joint lab experience
        in molecular biology and enzymology, biophysics, 
        and/or protein chemistry. 

Candidates are asked to supply a CV (resume) and a brief 
description of their research experience to either: 

   Professor Allan Hoffman or Professor Patrick Stayton, 
   Center for Bioengineering, 
   Box 357962, 
   University of Washington, 
   Seattle WA 98195.  

Alternatively, applications can be sent to 
stayton at

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