pI of proteins

xyzzyx xyzzyx at aimnet.com
Thu Jan 25 01:32:39 EST 1996

In article <4e1bqb$7pq at mercury.cc.uottawa.ca>, ed says...
>Hi all
>I have a little question regarding the pI of a number of proteins, including
>human cytochrome C, Hemoglobin, and Albumin...I know these should be in some
>reference book somewhere, but anyone out there know by chance ? also, is 
>a good way of calculating the pI of a protein based on the amino acid 
>thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated. please e-mail me personally.
>Ed Taboada.
>Dept of Biology
>University of Ottawa, Canada

Hey Ed,
     Try the Swiss-Prot 2D service.  I forget the URL, but you can get there 
from Pedro's Page:


This is the best page of biomolecular research stuff I've ever come across.  
Check it out.


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