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> Does anyone know a reference to a paper about
> rates of translation?
> I desperately need approximately some numbers:
> is 140 Amino Acids per minute a stupifd figure?
> the protein I am interested in is the PER protein in Drosophila
> (for the circadian PERiod)
> thanx in advance, please take 1 second to provide me with an answer or 
> ref, and browse my pages!
> Hans Schepers
> httpL//platine.ulb.ac.be

You might want to dig out some of the old references by Lodish and Thieu
(I think that's how you spell his game, I believe that he was at the
Pastuer Inst back in the late 70's).  The Lodish articles are probably
from the early 70's, I think that one of Lodish's articles was a science
or nature article on the kinetics of translation.  As I remember it, Thieu
did a 4 article series on the kinetics of translation that was published
in Virology or J. Vir.  Probably about 1980.

Hope that helps


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