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anti M13 gp3 antibodies are provided (polyclonal) by GATC, a German
company.  These are very good (we've used them) and are diluted 1/10000 for
western blots.  The company can be reached on Fax +49 7531 57313.  or
telephone 7531 57209.

andrew bradbury

>Does anyone have or know of any commercially available antibodies to
>filamentous phage minor coat protein pIII?  I am looking for something
>that is specific and can be used in a Western blot.  I am aware that there
>are commercially available rabbit anti-M13 from Pharmacia and Stratagene
>but would prefer something a bit more specific.  Any help or suggestions
>are welcome.
>Lyle Najita
>Plant Pathology
>University of California - Davis

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