S-S bridges

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yurii (c649963 at mizzou1.missouri.edu) wrote:
: gyc at dlpx1.dl.ac.uk (G.Card) wrote:
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: > Dear group,
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: > can anyone point me in the direction of a review/paper about the free radical
: > oxidation of disulphide bridges in proteins. Literature searches have so far
: > turned up nothing of use.
: > 
: There is a very useful book about the chemistry of sulfhydryl group

: Yu.M. Torchinskii
: Sulfhydryl and dysulfide groups of proteins.
: 1974 Consultants Bureau, NY.

: It contains a lot of interesting techniques and a lot of useful chemistry

: You can try..

: Sincerery Yurii

You should also look at "Sulfur in Proteins" by the same author - in the
intro he says he used material from the book named above.
Heartily recommended.

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