(fwd) Fluorescence-labelled biotin

Mara Michelle Casar mmc9 at acpub.duke.edu
Tue Jan 30 08:47:29 EST 1996

Lou Hom wrote... 
> Does anyone know of any fluorescent molecules that tolerate conjugation to
> biotin?  I'm wondering if there are any biotin-fluorophore-protein
> conjugates on record anywhere.  

I'm about to start feeding a protein to cells to see how it is 
internalized.  I've biotinylated the protein and am planning to track it 
using a fluorescently-labeled avidin derivative.  I haven't come across 
anything talking about fluorescently-labeled biotin, though.  You could 
check the Molecular Probes catalog - it has lots of info on this subject.

-Mara Casar
Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Duke University

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