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In article <4e5hga$sis at rc1.vub.ac.be>, Hans Schepers <schepers at ulb.ac.be> writes:
> Does anyone know a reference to a paper about
> rates of translation?
> I desperately need approximately some numbers:
> is 140 Amino Acids per minute a stupifd figure?
> the protein I am interested in is the PER protein in Drosophila
> (for the circadian PERiod)
> thanx in advance, please take 1 second to provide me with an answer or 
> ref, and browse my pages!
> Hans Schepers
> httpL//platine.ulb.ac.be

Check "Genes IV" by Lewin (I have no idea if there is a Genes V) ... page 120
gives some figures for bacteria at 37 C (15aa/second = 900aa/min) and 
red blood cells at 37 C (2aa/sec = 120aa/min).  I do not know the references
and do not know how that would translate (no pun intended) to Drospophila.

Des Higgins


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