solubilisation for 2-D gels

Laurence Barker l.barker at AUCKLAND.AC.NZ
Mon Jul 22 19:36:23 EST 1996

I am attempting to run membrane proteins on a 2-D gel, but am 
experiencing no separation in the IEF first dimension. I have tried using 
0.5% Triton X-100 in the solubilisation buffer, and have now been 
informed that minimal SDS/DTT might help also. Does anyone know about the 
use of chloryl hydrate to help in solubilisation/inhibition of 
aggregation, if that is what is happening ?
Any help glady accepted,

Laurence Barker.

The Horticultural and Food Research Institute of New Zealand, 
Mt Albert Research Centre,
New Zealand
l.barker at

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