labelling of cell surface proteins with trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid

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Tue Jul 30 15:26:48 EST 1996

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> Does anybody have a protocol for labelling of cell surface proteins with 
> 2,4,6 trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid? 

This may be what your looking for, I'm not sure:

 1. Ferro-Novick S; Novick P; Field C; Schekman R.
      Yeast secretory mutants that block the formation of active cell surface
    Journal of Cell Biology, 1984 Jan, 98(1):35-43.
      Type D 1 AB to see abstract.  (UI:  84162293)
 2. Novick P; Schekman R.
      Export of major cell surface proteins is blocked in yeast secretory
    Journal of Cell Biology, 1983 Feb, 96(2):541-7.
      (UI:  83161289)

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