Yeast Protein Database (YPD)

James I. Garrels jg at
Thu Mar 7 07:03:56 EST 1996

To Protein Researchers who need information on yeast proteins:

YPD is a WWW resource for the proteins of budding yeast.  YPD provides
tabulated properties and annotations with a powerful search form:  One can
search for:

        1) specific yeast proteins, searchable by name or by keywords.

        2) proteins of specific function, such as protein kinases,
              transcription factors, cyclins, etc.

        3) proteins with particular post-translational modifications.

        4) proteins by subcellular localization, including integral vs
              peripheral membrane, DNA-binding, and RNA-binding.

        5) proteins with particular functional motifs.

YPD contains an extensive literature survey.  More than 8000 references are
cited and 20000 lines of annotations are presented for more than 5000 yeast

YPD includes all proteins of known sequence.  When the genome sequence is
completed later this year, YPD will contain information on all proteins of
S. cerevisiae.

YPD can be found at: .  It is a
public resource.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Jim Garrels

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