Peptide synthesis

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Fri Mar 15 03:40:36 EST 1996

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           damartin at "David Martin" writes:

> I am posting this for a colleague at another institute.
> Would you be so kind as to email me with names and contact details of custom 
> peptide synthesis and polyclonal antibody raising services in (in order of 
> preference) Norway, Europe, Rest of the world.
> Thanks for your help
> ..David

Dear David,

you might try Kevin Price, Commercial Development Manager (Europe) for
Cambridge Research Biochemicals. They are based in the UK and do custom
peptide synthesis.

Phone: 44 (0) 1606 41100
Fax:   44 (0) 1606 49366
E-mail: CRB at


Iain Crowder
Zeneca LifeScience Molecules

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