HELP! GST column with Tris-Saline?

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Fri Mar 22 15:18:07 EST 1996

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> Tris would be fine for binding of the GST fusion protein to the column;
> however, the binding of GST to glutathione agarose is better at near
> neutral pHs whereas its elution is favored at pH around 8.0. This is
> something to keep in mind...
> Sujoy
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Thanks for the info.  So I guess it would be better to use the Tris-Saline
solution at pH 7.5.  Basically all I want  to do is use Tris-Saline
instead of PBS pH 7.5.  If I reduce the pH to that of PBS would I retain
the same binding as in PBS?

By the way, how is it like working at Glaxo?

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