Kinemages and Web pages

Flip Hoedemaeker fhoedem at
Wed Mar 27 12:05:22 EST 1996

Jeff Seale wrote:
> I'm trying to put some kinemage files into a Web page and am
> having a little difficulty. I have my Netscape Browser configured
> properly as I can download examples from the Prot. Sci. page.
> However, when I go to load my kinemage, all I get is the text
> version of the file - it doesn't go to the viewer. Also, if I
> save the Prot. Sci. example to disk and try to do it, it also
> loads only in the text mode. I copied the HTML format from the
> Prot. Sci. page, so I'm pretty sure I'm formatting it properly.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> -Jeff
> seale at

Do you have a Mac? If so, the netscape cofig is not the only thing you
have to worry about, your system manager also has to "know" the format
of the file. Try to load the files directly in mage and save them from



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