The effect of introns?

H.C.Whitaker H.C.Whitaker at
Fri Mar 29 03:48:51 EST 1996

> I am doing a project on the effect of introns, and thus I'm looking for
> references.
> I'm particularly interested in (elaborate) speculations (founded or not), 
> since I will be doing some computer simulations to test the various hypotheses> that turn up. I have some ideas myself, but it would be nice if I could 
> compare with previous works.
> I would also be happy if you would share your view on introns (or non-coding
> areas).

New Scientist Volume 1980, 3rd June 1995 p.34 provides a comprehensive 
arguement between the controversial Senepathy and Walter Gilbert on the 
origins of introns/exons and their value to organisms.

Hope this helps.

Hayley Whitaker.

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