"mystery bands" in SDS-PAGE

phillip buckhaults buckhaults at bscr.uga.edu
Fri Mar 29 00:00:33 EST 1996

Fiona M. Mattatall wrote:
> My laboratory is having some problems with bands appearing on our
> SDS-PAGE gels.  The bands always run in the 80 to 100 kDa range.  They
> appear in all lanes of the gel, including those that do not have
> protein samples applied to them.  We have concluded that this
> contamination must be coming from either the sample buffer, running
> buffer, or the apparatus itself.  We are having some difficulty
> figuring out what is causing the problem.  If anyone has seen this in
> their hands or has a solution please let me know.

I assume you are silver staining.  
We see these bands with old bME, and not fresh bME. we now make up sample buffer w/o 
beta mercaptoethanol, and add it just before using.  it is an artifact of old bME, 
and not a protein at all (or so i have been told).  

Good luck!

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