FS: Atlas of Protein Sequences and Structure 1972

infomedx infomedx at oneworld.owt.com
Fri May 3 11:00:39 EST 1996

I have a hard back, ex-library copy of _Atlas of Protein Sequence and 
Structure 1972 Volume 5_ by Margaret O. Dayhoff in very good condition 
for sale. (a few stamps, but no cards, ripped out pages, etc.)  Published 
by National Biomedical Research Foundation.  The book contains 124 pages 
of preliminary text and 418 data pages (numbered D-1 through D-418; 
contains protein sequences and tables) including 20 large foldouts of 
sequences and structures.....$25 plus postage.

infomedx at oneworld.owt.com
Richland, WA

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