Proteins which run high on SDS-PAGE

Matt Parker at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Fri May 3 16:33:29 EST 1996

Dilip Dias (v0p8630 at writes:
> Matt
> I had the same problem with a protein that I worked and working. When I 
> put the question in the newsgroup the answer I got was that this could 
> happen due to a variety of reasons. But the most important is the amount 
> of prolines that the protein has. Example: p53 protein of which the 
> calculated mol wt is about 45kd?. so be optimistic.
> cheers
> Dilip

	Thanks! Our proteins do have an unusually high amount of proline.
Does anybody have any suggestions about why high proline content would
cause the protein to run "large" on SDS-PAGE?

	By the's not glycosylated. Thanks to all who have sent advice!


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