Phosphorylated proteins and CE

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Sat May 4 12:15:44 EST 1996

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   scotbean at (Scott Bean) wrote:
->Has anyone done any analysis of phosphorylated proteins using capillary 
->electrophoresis or know of any references to papers that have separated 
->phosphorylated proteins using CE?  I'm looking for a method to look at the 
->microhetergeneity (sp?) that might be caused by phosphorylation.  Can you 
->separate "phosphoforms"?  
->Also, has any done or know of the same thing except done with reversed-phase 

I have no knowledge/experience with CEF, but as far as "phospho-isoforms" are
concerned, my method of choice would be chromatofocusing. Guys in our lab were
able to separate 0,1,2,3...-phosphorylated forms of rhodopsin on Pharmacia's 
Mono-P column. (It's expensive, but you don't have to buy FPLC to run it -
regular HPLC setup works just fine). 

- Dima

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