Q: Properties of Phospho-cellulose (P11, Whatman)

matt thomas thomas at molbio.uoregon.edu
Mon May 6 13:48:37 EST 1996

I have used P11 for a couple of different purifications (rap74, coli 
RNA polymerase, yeast pol I, calf thymus pol II) and I have been able 
to store it up to 6 months with no change in eluttion profile or 
activity of the prep.  I found if you store it in 200mM Tris pH 7.9 at 
4°C (thats right 200 mM, it is not a typo), 1mM EDTA, and NaN3 it 
seemes to do ok. Leave out the glycerol so buges don't have a carbon 
source. You have to double check the pH before you pour the column 
though.  Stick your pH prop right into the slury to do this.  

A few time I have used p11 that was older then 6 months stored under 
these same conditions and everythign seemed fine, but I only did this 
once or twice so I don't want to bet the farm on it.  Is long as you 
check the pH and don't overload the column I have had good luck with 
this resgin.  It does need to be babied and probably is not the best 
thing out there, but if it works why fix it?  :)

Matt Thomas

Thomas at molbio.uoregon.edu

Institue of molecular biology
University of Oregon


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