Protease activity determination

Richard J. Dudley rdudley at
Tue May 7 09:52:51 EST 1996

No kit that I know of will detect all proteases, but I think Pierce ans 
Sigma sell kits that are pretty general.  I have used FITC-labelled BSA 
and LEU-methylcoumarinamide in the past, but they are fluorometric.  
Azocoll or azocasein is colorometric.  The fluoroscent assays are 
simpler.  There are also some peptidase substrates that use 
p-nitroaniline, which absorbs at 410 nm as a free product.  I don't have 
a lot if info in fron of me, but if you e-mail me and remind me, I can 
track my folder down.

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Richard J. Dudley
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