Postgraduate studentship available

Andrew Wallace bcg0197 at
Tue May 7 05:57:18 EST 1996

      A Postgraduate Research Studentship is available in my
      laboratory commencing in October 1996. Two projects are
      currently available to choose from:

      either: use of combinatorial libraries of mechanism-specific
      active site-directed protease inhibitors to identify novel
      proteases involved in the regulation of apoptosis.

      or: generation of catalytic antibodies with proteolytic
      activity by selection from a phage-displayed antibody library
      using novel synthetic transition-state analogues.

      Applications are invited from UK and EU candidates who have
      or expect to receive a relevant First or Upper Second Class
      Honours degree or equivalent qualification, or from qualified
      non-EU international students who can obtain their own
      funding. For UK and EU canditates, the studentship pays
      tuition fees, laboratory costs and a living expenses
      contribution of about 1000 pounds sterling per quarter year.

      Further details and application forms are available from:

      The Director, School of Biology and Biochemistry
      The Queen's University of Belfast 
      97 Lisburn Road                        Tel. +44-1232-335786 
      Belfast BT9 7BL                        Fax  +44-1232-236505 
      Northern Ireland (UK) at

      All applications must be received by the Admissions Office,
      The Queen's University of Belfast no later than 15 May 1996

      Andrew Wallace, Ph.D. 
      School of Biology and Biochemistry 

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