Mr. G. Morley gmorley at
Thu May 9 07:51:06 EST 1996

Dear all,
         thank you to all who have responded to my request
concerning crystal structure modelling programs.
For all those who are attempting to model a protein, or
are thinking about strategies for site directed mutagenisis I
would recommend you examine the "swiss-model" program at the
university of Geneva (
This software is especialy usefull if the protein/protein changes
you are looking at have an associated crystal structure in the 
database. For this information I am indebted to Dr Roger Sayle
(Galaxo research centre) who helped design the RasMol program
with which the data from "swiss-model" can be analysed.
I do not have the address for the Rasmol program (available for
use on a wide variety of machines inc. Macintosh) but this can 
easily be found via a quick web search.
 Thank you all once again for your help.
                                        Gary Morley

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