immunoblot with intracellular proteins

REYNAUD reynaud at
Thu May 9 11:10:00 EST 1996

In a protocol for detecting the presence of a protein (FMRP) in leucocytes, I 
have to lyse the blood cells. 
I have already tried with 4 cycles of congelation-decongelation, but I am not 
always sure that the lyse is complete. Because the goal is to develop a 
diagnostic method, I would like to be sure. 
Of course, I know many other methods, but I don't really have a huge material, 
since I am in a genetics laboratory, where my experiments should complete a 
whole one. I don't have neither a sonicator, nor liquid azote. 
To the end, the method should be quick, not expensive, very sure and as simple 
as possible for a routine technique. 

I ask you this question in order to criticize my protocol. 
I thank you in advance for your cooperation and wait a answer at : 

  reynaud at

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