Colloidal Gold Protein Stain

Mark Blight BLIGHT at
Fri May 10 06:09:36 EST 1996

Hello out there,

Does anybody know where I can obtain a colloidal gold protein stain?

I once thought that I saw it in a publicity flyer from Pierce but
it does not seem to be in their catalogues.

I need to stain proteins following migration in SDS-PAGE with a
very high sensitivity (better than silver and without the drawbacks).

I have a protein that stains very poorly with Coomassie, amido black and 
silver (not so good, huh?) and would like a stain that is not dependent 
upon protein composition (charged residues etc) - maybe aimed at the 
peptide bond. I believe that the colloidal gold stain does this and so 
am desperate to get some!

Any help or other advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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