Zn fingers in protein-protein interaction

Elisabetta, tel.+39-6-91093434 BIANCHI at irbm.it
Mon May 13 05:47:10 EST 1996

Peter Hohenstein writes:
Somebody once told me that Zn fingers not only have DNA binding activity,
but that they can also be involved in protein-protein interactions.
However, I cannot find any references on this. Does anybody have any clues on this?


In J.Mol.Biol. (1995) 247, 154-160. A conformationally homogeneous combinatorial peptide library. 
An helical peptide library was produced by randomising five positions in the 
alfa-helical portion of a 26 amino acid Cys2His2 zinc finger motif.
The library was screened with a monoclonal IgA and the ligands selected were structurally invariant with respect to the parent zinc finger.
So this is the case where a single zing finger and especially its helical portion is involved in protein-protein interaction with an IgA.

Elisabetta Bianchi
IRBM P. Angeletti

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