Glycosylated cytoplasmic proteins

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Mon May 13 15:48:28 EST 1996

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>Can anyone point me to some glycosylated cytoplasmic proteins?  It seems like
>there should be a bunch out there, but I can't think of any offhand.  
	By "a bunch" I meant that I expected there to be some handful
(I.e., a small number, but not unheard of) of [unusual] cytoplasmic
proteins that are glycosylated.  I realize that glycosylation is frequently
regarded as a sort of tag on proteins in the secretory pathway or whatever
else, but there also cases where it's required for
function, and so I thought maybe there were some [exceptional] cytoplasmic
proteins that are glycosylated.  If they are out there, I don't know what
they are, but I would like to hear about them if anyone does know of some.
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