Small molecules & nitrocellulose

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Mon May 13 14:25:55 EST 1996

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> >I'm looking to remove proteins from a small volume of a complex biological
> >mixture (too small for ultrafiltration, IMHO) and I'm thinking maybe I
> >could wet a piece of nitrocellulose and stick it into my sample to do the
> >job.  But I'm wondering, what might the nitrocellulose remove besides the
> >intended proteins?  
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>One method for the quantitative removal of proteins from samples that
works quite well (providing that the molecules of interest are stable
under such conditions and it doesn't complicate further analysis!) is to
precipitate the protein with perchloric acid (50mM on ice).  We routinely
used this method for tissue catecholamine determination.  Another
possibility is to use solid phase extraction with a support and pH that
would allow the molecules of interest to pass through while retaining the

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