Native Protein Gel Protcals/Recipes Needed

Ron Tate rtate at
Wed May 15 00:59:35 EST 1996

William P. Tschantz wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone have any good recipes for native protein gels.  Both gradient
> and isocratic.  Any key references would be apprecieates (ie Laemmeli for
> SDS).  I am looking in the molecular weight range of 90-110 KD based on
> SDS gels.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill

Check out a nice little book by Bollag and Edelstein called Protein 
Methods, Wiley-Liss publishers. Also vol. 182 of Methods in Enzymology 
is just protein purification related.  It seems the reference I come 
across the most is - Hames, 1990. Gel Electrophoresis of Proteins.  
A Practical Approach.-  I haven't seen this one yet (the library has it 
on order) but its probably got almost anything you could need.

What I use is Laemmli without SDS or DTT or B-mercaptoEtOH, which it 
seems was the original recipe for native that Laemmli modified.

Also the instruction manual for the Bio-Rad Prep Cell I think has some 
alternative recipes.

Happy Hunting and hope it helps,
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