Zn fingers in protein-protein interactions

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Tue May 14 14:27:50 EST 1996

To: Peter Hohenstein
There's a nice book entitled Zinc-Finger proteins in
Oncogenesis-DNA-Binding and gene regulation by Mels Sluyser, Geer AB.
Albert O,Brinkmann, and Rein A. Blankenstein published by Annals of the
New york Academy of Sciences in 1993 vol 684 which you might find in a
good University Science Library.  This might be useful. 
Alternatively, you might go to the Entrez browser at 
Entrez Browser            http://www3.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Entrez/index.html

click the Medline button and enter your key words.  The engine should turn
up some specific references with abstracts you can download.

You can find contents of specific journals at

Elsevier Home Science page         
http://www.elsevier.com/locate/trendsguide    (or)
 http://www.elsevier.com:80/section/clinmed/trendsgu/trendsgu.htm (or)
Journal info    http://www.bio.net/

Journals Online, conferences etc http://golgi.harvard.edu/journals.html
Springer Verlag  http://www.springer.de

John Wiley & Sons http://www.wiley.com

Blackwell Science Limited http://www.blacksci.co.uk/

Academic Press http://www.idealibrary.com

Taylor and Francis http://www.catchword.co.uk

Some of these pages are in the making and will not be complete for a
while.  Some will charge access fees for abstracts or entire articles.
Many may provide Journal contents free of charge.

Explore and good luck.
Rcjohnsen at aol.com

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