Sartorius ion-exchanger ??

Giovanni Maga maga at
Tue May 14 05:31:22 EST 1996

In article <stefan-1305961508350001 at>,
stefan at (Stefan Bäckström) wrote:

> Hello.
> I wonder if someone out there has tryed Sartorious MA (Membrane Adsorbers) 
> ion exchangers ?
> Any experience with it ?
> Do you have any other suggestions for ion-exchange chromatography ?

Never tried Sartorious, but I'm completely happy with Pharmacia media for
both ion-exchange and gel-filtration. Bio-Rad also provides good media (I
know it sounds obvious, but, hey, what else can I say, since they are the
leaders?). Usual disclaimer applies: I am not an employee of, neither have
I any connection with the above mentioned companies.

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