protein compendium?

Mick Partis mick.partis at
Fri May 17 03:29:07 EST 1996

ez045181 at (Kathryn Weiss) wrote:
>I'm looking for some sort of compendium or encyclopedia of protein amino 
>acid compositions, something that will list the amino acid composition.  
>Does anyone know of a reference text or a database that will provide this 
>information?  I am looking at some proteins isolated from plants, and would 
>like to compare their composition with other proteins; I also would like 
>to construct model systems with commercially available proteins with 
>similar amino acid compositions.
>Kathryn Weiss
>Department of Viticulture and Enology
>University of California, Davis

If you want to compare amino acid compositions, you could try a query to 
compares the amino acid composition of a SWISS-PROT entry with all other 
SWISS-PROT entries in order to find proteins with the closest amino
acid compositions and AACompIdent 
( searches SWISS-PROT for 
proteins whose amino acid compositions are closest to the amino
acid composition given.

I hope that everyone who uses SWISSPROT has mailed their support to Amos 
Bairoch following his post about the funding problem.

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