using PEG to concentrate proteins

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Fri May 17 03:08:28 EST 1996

rbb at (robert b burrows) wrote:
>I have been using PEG (Aquacide III, Calbiochem) to concentrate protein 
>solutions. I have placed the solution in a dialysis bag and buried it in 
>solid Aquacide. Now I hear that there may be impurities in the Aquacide 
>that can diffuse into the protein solution. Does anyone know what these 
>these impurities are, and if they can be removed by gel filtration?
>Robert Burrows
>rbb at

Can't help on the impurities in Aquacide (although I have also heard that 
there may be problems of this sort).  I routinely use sephadex in the 
same way to concentrate material in dialysis bags.  The sephadex can be 
recycled by washing in water, followed by several changes of methanol, 
and drying in a warm oven.

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