Postdoctoral Position: Disease Resistance

Barbara Baker bbaker at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon May 20 14:42:39 EST 1996

A POSTDOCTORAL POSITION is currently available for identification and
isolation of cellular proteins that interact with the product of the virus
(TMV) resistance N gene using biochemical and molecular-genetic approaches.
We have isolated the first virus resistance gene, N, of tobacco (Whitham
et al., 1994, Cell 78, 1101-1115).  Interestingly, N shares homology with
the cytoplasmic domains of the interleukin-1 receptor and the Drosophila
Toll receptor protein.  The cytoplasmic domains of the interleukin-1
receptor and the Drosophila Toll are known to play critical roles in
mediating downstream signaling via the transcription factors NFkB and
Dorsal in their respective systems.  NFkB is a central regulator of for
induction of defense genes in response to viral and pathogen infection in
higher organisms.  The sequence of N and several other recently isolated
resistance genes from an evolutionarily diverse plant species shows that
they encode deduced products with strikingly similar structural features.
Their potential role as direct receptors of pathogen encoded signals and
participation in the signal transduction pathway leading to induction of
defense responses is under investigation.  Applicants should have
experience in protein biochemistry, molecular biology and/or cell biology
but prior work with plants is not required.  A cover letter describing
research experience and interests, a curriculum vitae and names of three
references should be sent to: Dr. Barbara Baker, University of California,
Berkeley and USDA, Plant Gene Expression Center, 800 Buchanan St., Albany,
CA 94710. FAX: 510-559-5678; Email: bbaker at
Equal Opportunity Employer.

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