Postdoc in Philly

Charles Brenner brenner at
Mon May 20 09:59:01 EST 1996

Two positions are immediately available at Kimmel Cancer Institute
(formerly Jefferson Cancer Institute) of Thomas Jefferson University in
downtown Philadelphia.  

We are working on the structure and function of proteins involved in
radiation-induced cell-cycle arrest using a combination of X-ray
crystallography, enzymology and yeast genetics.  Ideal candidates will
come with biochemistry and molecular biology experience and a desire to
learn protein crystallography or vice versa.

Colleagues here at Jefferson include Carlo Croce, Kay Huebner and Rick
Fishel.  The facilities are excellent.  The cost of living is
reasonable.  Because you will be located between Boston and Bethesda,
your scientific visibility will be very high.

Interested individuals should call and/or send a C.V.  Best regards,


Charles Brenner                         Laboratory of Protein Structure
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Thomas Jefferson University                          fax (215) 923-2117
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