Protein Elution from SDS Gels

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Thu May 23 07:36:39 EST 1996

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> We have just a few protein samples which we would like to elute from SDS PAGE
> gels for subsequent analysis.  If you have a good method that doesn't require
> purchase of an electroeluter, please let me know.
> Thanks
> -Tom Deits
> MBI International
> deits at

 You can try SDS electrophoresis with tubes containing in its end (near
the anode) polyacrylamide gel, in the middle, hydroxyapatite (calcium
phosphate crystal used for chromatography), and in the beginning (near the
cathode) the pieces of gel that you want to extract. After
electrophoresis, hydroxyapatite is recuperated and eluted with 0.5M
phosphate sodium buffer, 0.1% SDS,1mM DTT (pH 6,8).

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