Antibody nomenclature

Kevin Shreder kshreder at
Thu May 23 21:13:22 EST 1996

I was wondering if anyone out there knows how best to describe 
antibodies raised to synthetic peptides. 

I say be creative.  I isolated a monoclonal antibody and named it 
after my wife's initials and her birtdate!  Nomenclature is often a 
very dry topic.  See: 

Shreder, K.; Harriman, A.; Iverson, B. L. "Molecular Recognition of a 
Monoclonal Antibody (AC1106) Cross-Reactive for Derivatives of 
Ru(bpy)32+ and Ru(phen)32+," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1996, 118, 3192-3201.

-Kevin Shreder, Ph.D.
kshreder at

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