help with circular dichroism

Alvin Dobbin alvin at
Mon May 27 12:15:33 EST 1996

To anyone who can help,

I have been using circular dichroism to study the thermal
stability of an à-helical protein. When the unfolding data is
plotted as: (1) relative ellipticity at 222 nm versus T and 
(2) relative ellipticity at 208 nm versus T, the profiles are
somewhat similar but not identical. What is the reason for the
difference ? What electronic transitions do the minima at 208 nm
and 222 nm correspond to ?

I am using a Jasco- J-500 A. The records are from sixteen repeats
(260-200 nm).

If you can provide any information you feel may be helpful it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Alvin Dobbin.

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