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Tue May 28 06:15:37 EST 1996

A short term (10-12 months) post-doctoral position is available in the Hormone 
Biochemistry Group of the Plant Sciences Department at IACR Long Ashton Research 
Station, Bristol, UK. The post is in the laboratories of Drs. Peter Hedden, Mike 
Beale and Andy Phillips, and is funded by the BBSRC as a Linked Research Group with 
Dr. Christine Willis, Dept of Chemistry, University of Bristol. Suitable applicants 
should have a Ph.D. in a relevant subject and have experience in heterologous 
expression and protein purification.

The work of the group centres around the biochemistry and molecular biology of the 
enzymes involved in gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis in plants. A key enzyme in the 
control of GA biosynthesis is GA 20-oxidase, a 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 
that catalyses three consecutive steps late in the pathway. Recently, we have 
isolated cDNA clones for 20-oxidases from a number of plants (see Lange et al., 
1994, PNAS 91:8552-8556 and Phillips et al., 1995, Plant Physiol 108:1049-1057; see 
also the Web page below). The aim of the above project is to express these 
20-oxidase cDNAs in E. coli to yield pure protein for biochemical and structural 
analysis. We have already achieved high level expression in a number of expression 
vectors, and a purification procedure has been developed using a BioCad perfusion 
chromatography system. The successful applicant continue with the purification of 
recombinant 20-oxidase protein and will study the reactions catalysed using kinetic 
analysis and substrate analogues.

For further details, please contact Peter Hedden (peter.hedden at; tel 
+44-1275-549263) or Andy Phillips (andy.phillips at; tel +44-1275-549257).

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