Looking for MALDI Mass Spec service

Randall Willis willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca
Thu May 30 10:19:19 EST 1996

Hello everybody,

We're looking for a group or company which provides a mass spec service 
with preference for MALDI mass spec.  We'd like to check protein and 
peptide molecular weights and changes with modifications.

We'd prefer something in the Toronto area but anywhere in Canada or the 
US would probably be okay.

Thanks for any assistance.

Randall C Willis
Researcher																								Publisher
Biochemistry Research													Aliquotes Press
Hosp for Sick Children												"ALIQUOTES:A Journal of Molecular and
3522-555 University Ave.										 Biochemical Humour"
Toronto, ON																							58 Balfour Ave.
M5G 1X8  CANADA																			Toronto, ON
																																		M4C 1T6  CANADA
416-813-5933 (ph)       										
416-813-5022 (fax)																416-691-2921 (ph)

willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca   rogerb at microsoft.com

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