Backgound problems in Western blotting - HELP!

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Thu May 30 13:35:56 EST 1996

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> Hi netters
>    I am doing Western blotting and using the ECL-detection system. My
> problem is that I gt an irregular, uneven background. I have tried
> modifying washing procedures and blocking buffers.
>    I am using the PHAST-system from Pharmacia. Does anyone out there
> have an absolutely super protocol, that I can try out??
> Greetings
> Jakob Hendel

I've being doing westerns using NEN's Renaissance reagent, very similar to
the Amersham ECL.  I've been rinsing the blot in tris-buffered saline
after incubation with the chemiluminescence reagent before exposure of the
film.  It seems to help with the background, IMHO.  I don't know how well
it will or will not work with PHAST gels, YMMV.

Lyle Najita
Plant Pathology
University of California - Davis

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