AIDS co-factors

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Fri May 31 07:47:42 EST 1996

joshua ciernia (jciernia at wrote:
> What co-factors are know at this time that are needed 
> for the AIDS virus to enter the cell.

I'm not an expert on AIDS (you might ask in as well)
but AFAIK the virus docks to CD4 and to a very recently discovered
G protein-coupled receptor at the same time. Both proteins are needed
for cell entry of the virus.

For the GPCR see the News & Views review:

        author  = {Jon Cohen},
        title   = {Likely {HIV} Cofactor Found.},
        journal = {Science},
        volume  = 272,
        pages   = {809--810},
        year    = 1996

and the original paper:

        author  = {Yu Feng and Christopher C. Broder and Paul E. Kennedy
                and Edward A. Berger},
        title   = {{HIV}-1 Entry Cofactor: Functional {cDNA} Cloning of
                a Seven-Transmembrane {G} Protein-Coupled Receptor.},
        journal = {Science},
        volume  = 272,
        pages   = {872--877},
        year    = 1996

Hope that helps,

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