Need help with GST fusion protein purification

Edward B. Arias earias1 at
Sun Nov 3 19:15:26 EST 1996

I'm having a problem purifying a 104 kDa GST fusion protein with the
Pharmacia kit.  I've tried most of the trouble shooting tips to no
avail.  One ref in the manual takes about losing GST fusion
protein:glutathione sepharose beads affinity if your fusion protein is
80+ kDa.  I'm a grad student and this is the last thing I must do to
graduate...that is purify out some of my protein which is 75 kDa (+ the
29 kDa GST = 104 kDa fusion protein which gets bound to the beads).

Any help or comments with those using the GST fusion protein kit from
Pharmacia with similar problems is greatly appreciated.
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