REQ: Amonia disease ( sad but true )

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Fri Nov 8 18:35:46 EST 1996


I would like to know about 'Amonia disease' known as 'body odor.
Since I have a serious problem with that disease, I have to know about
this as possible as I can. What an annoying disease I have!
My life is getting worse day by day. I just can't stand this feeling anymore.
 I need to define things stighten out my brians otherwise I'll go insane.
Of course,Sure I got a pride. I 've been hurt by many people . They just can't 
stand myself.
If they are jealous of me in many ways, it's so easy for them to make fun of 
me in public.
I was forced to sacrifice lots of things due to that disease.
I'm not fat. I do exercise everyday . ( Running , playing sports , going to 
gym )
I just always had to face the fact. Time is the time, I have a right to live 
like others.
Obviously, I went to see the doctor about my rare but awful disease.
Initially, I was branded as ' paranoid ' by him. Believe me, I had to persuade 
him in 10 minteus.
It's weird, cos doctor's are used to patient's various odor. So basically, 
they don't have a sensitive nose
as others do. The truth is not to be denied. The truth surely pays. 
I fully understand my GP's situation. My case is very rare. I'm not 
intelligent or talented on particular thing.
But I 'm very careful & patient man. In fact, it's a sad thing to know that my 
life is going to the edge.
I have always believed that the search for the meaning of life has been a
futile one.  It's a cliche, but the meaning of life is simply to enjoy
every minute, every second, that life throws at me. I became 21 recently. Life 
is really crap on the work front.
But I 'm thankful to the people who were always cheering me up.
Yeap  , people have a tendency to make fun of other's weakness , sadly I am 
one of those.
The guilty surely pays. I did my best. I just can't help it. It's natural.
Well, I do take a shower or bath as many times as I can. Doesn't work. I 
invested lots of money for perfume.
It wasn't helpful neither. Do I need a diet? Well.

Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely.

P.S This is serious. Believe or not, my account ( pc novell ) was disabled by 
the supervisor , cos
some people had compalined about my article last june. 
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