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Tue Nov 5 10:03:24 EST 1996

To anyone who can help me,

I understand that EPOGEN is given to dialysis patents and PROCRIT is 
given to people suffering from cancer and HIV / AIDS.  Can anyone tell me 
if there's any difference between these drugs at the molecular level?

As they're given to different classes of patient, I assume that they're 
different drugs?  On the other hand it MIGHT be that due to some legal 
ruling, the manufacturers of the drugs (Amgen and Ortho Biotech) have 
been told to stick to seperate areas of the market. If this is the case, 
perhaps their products have different names simply to help people 
differentiate?  In effect, one drug has been given two names???

If no-one can answer these questions directly, I'd appreciate it if 
someone can advise me as to where I might find the information.

Thanks for your time folks,  Alan Mercer.

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